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World's Fair Links
Visit these World Fair related websites for more info.
Visit the 1904 World Fair
Mike's 1904 St. Louis World's Fair Web Pages
In these pages are an overview of the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, buildings, facts, and trivia. There's several pages about the Pike and its attractions, myths and legends, memorabilia, current and vintage World's Fair books, links to other websites, and several calendars about events at "The Greatest of Expositions."
Meet me in St. Louis: the 1904 World's Fair Website
Lee Gaskins has created a wonderful website - Meet Me in St. Louis: The 1904 World's Fair Web Site
Scenes from the 1904 World's Fair
Scenes from the 1904 World's Fair
"The Greatest of Expositions Completely Illustrated" Stop by Kathryn C. Kuenzel's site to see her wonderful collection of lithographs, detailed information and extensive list of world's fair links.
The Official Guide to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition
The Official Guide to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition This was the only "Official Guide" to the exposition. It is an original 1904 book of 200 pages which have been digitized.  It contains an accurate and thorough survey of the World's Fairgrounds with detailed descriptions.
1904 World's Fair Society
This is the homepage for The 1904 World's Fair Society, an organization of 1904 Fair enthusiasts.  If you have questions about the fair or its memorabilia, these are the people to contact.

Meet Me at the Fair This is another very informative and well put together site about the 1904 Fair created by Bill Gamber and Ken Withers. It is really old, but still a fun look back.

Beyond The Ice Cream Cone Visit this site to get "The Whole Scoop on Food at the 1904 World's Fair."

Map of the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis
Explore a map of the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis  The Missouri History Museum produced this overlay map in 1996 to show the locations of attractions at the World's Fair as they would appear today in and near Forest Park.
The St. Louis Public Library
The St. Louis Public Library has lots of good information about the 1904 Fair, including several books not available through Amazon.
Expo Museum the World fair Museum
This site is a fantastic resource for those interested in World's Fair history, architecture and memorabilia. It contains an extensive, well organized set of links covering the last 150 years of international expositions, as well as what's coming in the future. If you would like to discuss your interests in World's Fairs, join their Yahoo discussion list.
The Missouri Historical Society presents a museum exhibit that embodies the sights, sounds and splendor of the Fair.
In celebration of the centennial of the 1904 World's Fair, the Missouri Historical Society presents a museum exhibit that embodies the sights, sounds and splendor of the Fair.  Far more than a nostalgic journey, the exhibit is an exploration of the aspirations and visions of the future held by the men, women and children of 1904.
World's Fair Historical Society
The mission of the World's Fair Historical Society is to preserve the history of world's fairs and educate the public about how important this history is and how it has impacted society. Also known as international expositions or expos, many innovations and inventions have come from these events and many ideas on how to better society have come out them. This is history that a lot of people are not aware of and needs to be promoted so others can learn about it.

History of The Louisiana Purchase Exposition This site offers a complete history of the 1904 Fair as it was described in the 1905 book.