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Antiques and Collectibles articles by WorthPoint

Does that Certificate of Authenticity Tell the Whole Story? - Is a signed Certificate of Authenticity (COA) enough to show that an item isn't a fake?

A Collector for All Season: On-Site Estate Auctions a Goldmine for Dealers, Collectors Alike - Estate auctioneers begin booking their “selling season” around March, and by May the best auctioneers are booked through October. Wayne Jordan refers to this as the “outdoor season.”

The Great Restoration Debate: Steiff Teddy Bears and Stuffed Animals - Of course, every collector’s fantasy is to find their dream piece in pristine condition for $10 at a garage sale next door - that’s what reality television...

Demographics, the Economy and the Dynamic Pricing of Today’s Collectibles - Many of the items on “Antiques Roadshow” episodes have gone down in value over the years.

More Items Around the House You Can Sell - or Even Auction - Rocks, shells, quilts, ceramics, toys, carved chairs, paintings, coins in a jar, bags of jewelry and binders of tobacco cards, oh, and a rather large...

Looking past the Painting to see the Value of Antique Frames - When the quality of the art is obviously the level or a hobbyist or student, the frame itself could be worth more than the art. Many antique frames are valuable collectibles in their own right.


Jim's Articles

How To Search Better - Here are several suggestions for getting better search results.

5 Factors That Make an Old or Rare Book Valuable How to understand the basic factors behind the value of antique books.

The email Waiting Game You can't make people respond to your emails, but you can find out if they have read them or not.

Don't be a Monkey Take a look at how you do things and see if you are a monkey.

How To Optimize Your Website Here are my ideas for optimizing your website.  Your goal is free traffic from the search engines.

How To Add Google Maps To Your Website Google Maps makes it easier than ever to add a really nice map.  This article explains how.

How to Make the Most of Photo Captions The quality of your images is important, but what you write under them may be even more important.

Creative Linking With a Collectible Cow Use a little creativity when making your affiliate links.

Make Your Customers Feel Smart Sell not only your products, but yourself as well. Let your customer confidently experience that good "after purchase feeling."

Never Stop Testing Your Marketing Activity Here are some simple ways you can measure the effectiveness of your ads and promotions.

A Few Words of Warning to the New People My advice to help the new people find their way online.

Writing To Sell - It's Not About You! Do you have an "About Me" page? You may find it surprising that I don't think it should be about you at all.

Affiliate Marketing Explained Affiliate marketing is a great way to add content to your site. Read how to sell other people's stuff for a commission.

How To Make a Favicon This article explains what a Favicon is and how to make them.

Developing a Signature File This article will help you develop your email business card and increase traffic to your site.

A Collector's Guide to Internet Marketing Success Spend some time planning what you would like to accomplish with your site. It takes more than putting your logo and email address on your page.

15 Keys to a Successful Website Here are some suggestions for what to include in your website.

Taking Control of Your Computer Make the most of your time online by using these convenient computer shortcuts. I promise it's worth your time to use these techniques.