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What's This Worth?
How to use the Internet to research the value of your antiques.
Antiques Roadshow
Antiques Roadshow: 40 Years of Great Finds

Antiques Roadshow has graced our screens for forty years and has become one of the nation’s most beloved television programs.

In this anniversary celebration, Paul Atterbury and Marc Allum look back at the quintessential moments from the show’s illustrious history, providing a look at the history behind the very best and most intriguing objects that have appeared on the show.

Miller's Antiques Handbook & Price Guide
Miller's Antiques Handbook & Price Guide 2020-2021

If you want to know the value of your antiques - or find out how the antiques market is faring - the world's bestselling antiques price guide is the place to look.

Miller's Antiques Handbook & Price Guide remains the essential and trusted guide to the antiques market. It has earned the reputation of being the book no dealer, collector or auctioneer should be without.

Research the value of your antiques and collectibles at Worth Point
antique box
So, you think you may have something valuable.


Trying to find out how much it's worth? That's not as much fun.

It's hard to find the information you want, and it's hard to know who to trust. I've visited hundreds of different antiques and collecting websites, and I've tried to provide you with links for some of the best and easiest places to start your research.

Although I'm not an antiques dealer or appraiser myself, I have learned a few things from working with them over the years.

Don't just ask an antiques dealer, "What's this worth?" The standard reply is, "How much do you want for it?" Many people have spent years acquiring knowledge, and passing out free advice is not always good business. Buying low and selling high is how they make their living.

Quality is very important. Just because something is old doesn't necessarily make it valuable. The better its condition, the more it's worth. No matter what information you find regarding the value of your antique or collectible, it's only worth as much as someone is willing to pay you for it! Just because a price guide says your antique doorknob is worth $100, if no one will give you that much, then it's not. Sorry.

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Search for antique values with these search tips.
Have you tried searching for your item's value with Google?  Have any luck?  I recently wrote an article titled, "How to Search Better." It provides several suggestions for getting better search results.

You can narrow down your results by setting up a custom search for a specific website. For example, to search for door knobs only on eBay, simply type door knobs in a search box.

I created an "Antique Super Search" custom search engine. It narrows your search to many of the major antiques related websites. It includes: Antique Trader, Collectors Weekly, Heritage Auctions, The Kovels, Ruby Lane, Sotheby's and The Internet Antique Shop.

Research the value of your treasures at Worthpoint
WorthPoint is the largest resource for researching, valuing, and buying/selling antiques, art and vintage collectibles. Their suite of offerings includes:
  • a price guide for researching and valuing antiques, art, and collectibles
  • a resource gallery for identifying makers’ marks;
  • a digital library of books on a wide range of collecting topics.

At WorthPoint, they empower the antiques and collectibles industry by providing a steady stream of new data and quality information to improve pricing transparency between sellers and buyers.

WorthPoint helps discover hidden wealth.
You can try it for free. Use it for 7 days for 7 price lookups.

Be an Informed Seller
You want to make the most of what you have.  You don't want to waste your money by listing your item too high, and you really don't want to just give it away to some clever picker. If you have what you think is a potentially valuable antique, eventually you're going to have to pay someone to find out what it's worth.

Research the value of yor antiques at Barnebys
Your search for art, design, antiques, and collectibles starts at They have listings for 800,000+ items from over 2000 auction houses, dealers, and galleries globally.
See howw much your antique is worth.
Chat with an antiques expert.

Get honest appraisals on jewelry, furniture, art, coins & more.
Upload photos to learn the value of your antiques and heirlooms.
Unlimited chats – $1 one-week trial membership. Cancel anytime.

Kovels Antiques & Collectibles Online Price Guide
Kovels Antiques & Collectibles Online Price Guide
The Kovel's have compiled a list of more than a million prices for antiques and collectibles sold worldwide. Each entry gives a description, price, and year of sale so the information can be used to price items today, track trends, or for tax and estate purposes.

Kovels' Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide 2021
Kovels' Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide 2021
The Kovels are the most trusted source for both the casual and expert collector. With 11,500 actual prices and 3,000 full-color photographs, the guide also features exceptionally well-organized, wide-ranging, and up-to-the-minute information, and includes more tips, marks, logos, and photographs than any other competitive title. Kovels' is the only guide with prices based on actual sales from the previous calendar year, never estimates.

Kovels' covers all American and international items and includes reasonably-priced goods. The book is organized by categories most sought-after by collectors, including depression glass, dolls, jewelry, furniture, porcelain, and sports memorabilia. Indexes, cross-references, and expert commentary throughout empower readers to collect with confidence and price their own antiques. is an online marketplace for new, used, rare and out-of-print books, and they have millions of secondhand and rare books listed for sale by booksellers around the world. Try a search to see if they have your book.

abe books


Find out what it is worth in the Country Living appraisal column.
Country Living's "What Is It? What Is It Worth?" appraisal column is a favorite among readers. Let the experts from the leading auction houses in the country determine the value of your favorite collectible or prized family heirloom for free.
Can you tell me what it's worth?
Can You Tell Me What this is Really Worth? (What can I sell it for?)
Here is a good article from Liz Holderman, a Worthologist and appraiser who specializes in books and collectibles. She explains,"a single treasure is actually worth a variety of different values."
Find the value of your art, antiques and unique items at Mearto.
Wondering what your old Chinese vase is worth? Is the story you tell about your collection in touch with reality, and is it properly insured? Whether you need to buy, sell, insure or brag about your valuable items, you need to answer one simple question first - what is it worth?

Mearto is on a mission to help you find the value of your art, antiques and unique items.

They provide online valuations in many different categories including; antiques, art, jewelry, watches and collectibles. mearto will give you the answers to your questions within 48 hours for only $15 (USD). Learn more about their appraisal services here.

Prices 4 Antiques is a searchable database which provides past auction prices for antiques, collectibles and fine art.
Prices 4 Antiques is a searchable database which provides past auction prices for antiques, collectibles and fine art.
Search the Antiques Roadshow Archive of appraisals
You might try exploring the Antiques Roadshow website.You can search their appraisal archive to see if they have featured your treasures.
Artifact is an app for collectors to monetive their collection. has created a new, free app called Artifact. It's a simple, intuitive & reliable tool for collectors to manage their collections. It’s powerful features allow the everyday user to stay organized and up-to-date with their precious valuables.
Antiques and Collectables appraisals by Bath Antiques Online
Bath Antiques offers extremely reliable, highly accurate and completely impartial antique appraisals. They also have a free searchable antiques price guide with 1000's of rare antiques and novelty collector's items - each pictured, described and with their price guide.
Research your coins at USA Coin Book
USA Coin Book is a massive resource for US coins with over 10,000 members. Anyone can look up coin prices and values, based on coin condition, for every US coin year, mint and major variety ever made, in a clean "Red Book" format. Each coin has it's own page with example images and pictures to diagnose specific major coin varieties.