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1904 World's Fair Virtual Tour

1904 world Fair Virtual tour
These are the Palaces of Electricity and Varied Industries as viewed from the Cascade Gardens.

Imagine yourself back at the turn of the century. You will be visiting a magical, almost imaginary city.

There will be immense Palaces, stunning vistas, princesses and daily parades. You will be immersed into a perfectly planned and constructed Utopian model for the future.

Remember, this is a time before planes flew and electricity was new.

I scanned these images from the September 1904 issue of The Cosmopolitan magazine. This issue is devoted entirely to a fascinating description of the Fair by John Brisben Walker.

I left these images quite large to give you a better understanding of the incredible scale of the Fair.  Keep in mind as you marvel at the immense architecture - everything was only temporary.  After the Fair closed almost everything was demolished and Forest Park in St. Louis was returned to its previous, although enhanced, condition.

First, let me introduce you to your fellow visitors.
They let their children crawl in the streets!

1904 world's Fair Tour

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