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A Few Words of Warning To The New People
Bad People Will Try To Take Advantage of You

How long have you had your computer?

Less than a month? 6 months? Do you feel confident in the way you use the internet, or are you just kind of struggling along? Now I don't like to label people, but you may be a newbie. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Everyone used to be "new."

I was one of the new people about 10 years ago. I was one of those who never learned about computers in high school, let alone college. I had to learn it all myself. No course work. Simply trying things, making mistakes, learning lessons and relying on the kindness of strangers has led me on my way.

I've also met some strangers who were not kind. Beware of them. I'm afraid you new people are at risk. You are the primary target of many "questionable" offers that depend on you not knowing any better.

I used to answer classified ads for money making offers under different code names just to track how many times my name was being sold. It was incredible. Many new people were convinced daily into mailing me their chain letter to make their mailboxes "explode with cash." Sometimes I would get 12 of the exact same letter a day.

These mail order "marketers" have moved to the web. They are good at what they do. They convince you that you can make money without doing anything. They want your information to sell, and they want you to sign up your newbie friends too.

Don't let yourself be drawn to the "dark side of the web." Let your common sense be your "force." Educate yourself against those who are out to fool you into sending them your money.

Here are a few guidelines and tips to help you along...

Don't listen to those who talk about their hits. They are attempting to prey on your naivety. Hits and unique visitors are completely different stats. If a company refers to its "hits" they are intentionally trying to mislead you with a highly inflated number.

Sign your email. Sure, being anonymous is fun, but if you want to be taken seriously, add your name to what you write. Don't write anything you're ashamed to sign either.

Delete spam. If you get an email offer that doesn't come to your email address, it's most likely spam. They figure as a new person you won't realize it. I've been in this game a while. Believe me when I tell you there is no easy money and home workers are not urgently needed. Spam hurts us all. Delete it and move on.

Get virus protection software. There are bad people out there trying to hurt us. Most viruses are transferred through Microsoft email software. If you don't open any attachments or download anything you will probably be safe. Maybe.

Don't type in all caps. IT'S CONSIDERED YELLING! Unless of course you want to yell, then I suppose it's ok.

Yes, there are millions of people online, but they have absolutely no interest in you. Just because they could come to your website doesn't mean they will.

Try clicking on stuff with your right mouse button. See what happens. Google stuff to see how to do stuff. Type in your question in plain English.

Write to people. They like fun email, just like you.

Never stop learning, and take some time to help other new people. They may become some of your best online friends. (and customers.)

Remember that as technology improves, stuff gets easier to use. Eggheads stay up late working to make stuff as easy to use as they can. YOU CAN LEARN NEW THINGS! (Sorry about the yelling.)

Don't make your website about fooling new people into sending you their money. It doesn't work. Most of all, don't let yourself be fooled.

You're just new, not stupid.