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How To Add a Map To Your Website
Make it easy for people to find you.

Look! There's Omaha.

Show people where you are.  Maps are a great way to add relevant content to your site.  Google Maps makes it easy.

First, create a container container for your map, whatever size you want.  Then search for your location on  Once you have it, click on the link button on the map page, and then click on the customize and preview embedded map link.  

This is where you can customize your map.  Make it the same size as your container, set the zoom and use the little hand to adjust the location.  You can even use their satellite images.  Then just copy and paste the code they provide onto your page. Easy.

It creates a cool map.  It will let you zoom in and out, and you can use the hand to move your position.

I read recently that 90% of consumers who shop online expect to find a store locator or map on a website. With a map, your prospects can find their way to your nearest location and get accurate, detailed directions from any address in the U.S.

I love to go here before trips and print out maps and driving directions. Then I'm never forced to ask for help. (Not that I ever would.) This is a great way to make sure people find your garage sale or estate auction.

It's all free.