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Creative Linking With a Collectible Cow
Think beyond the banner when creating affiliate links.
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Cool cow. If you like collectible cows.

Would you like one of your own?

Just click on the link. You will go to a another website that has a larger image, a detailed description and about 1,000,000 other things. If you decide to buy a cow, or anything else, I will get a percentage of the sale. I think it's a pretty good deal.

Have you thought about adding to the content of your website by selling related merchandise through affiliate programs?

Selling through an affiliate program is definitely different than selling your own stuff. You earn a commission on everything you sell. You have no initial investment. You won't have to clean, research, display, package or ship the item you are selling. You also won't have to worry about insurance, credit card fraud or returned merchandise.

No matter what you offer in your website, you can easily find complimentary items to sell through affiliate programs. Instead of adding a distracting banner to your site, create an entire page of related products.

It's up to you to create an effective "pre sell." Get your impulsive web shoppers interested. Send them to a specific page with the idea of buying already in their minds and let the other site close the sale for you!

I realize you may be reluctant to send your hard earned traffic away, but keep these concepts in mind as you consider how you can creatively add affiliate links ...

-  Most good affiliate programs will allow you to earn a commission when the person you referred returns at a later time, even if they did not click on your links to get back.

-  Set up your links to open in a new browser window, so your site will stay on your visitors computer while they are out shopping. Just tell them your link will open a new window to keep the new people from getting confused.

-   Your visitors will most likely not click on your affiliate links unless they find them interesting.

-  Use affiliate products to create pages that help you acheive better search engine rankings. For instance, my site has quite a bit of content about world fairs and their collectibles. This page of books about world fairs, complete with "keyword-rich" titles and descriptions, allows my site to perform quite well for most world fair searches.

Put some careful thought into making some creative affiliate text links. Add them into the natural flow of your articles. How about something like, "Talk about crazy collections! I saw the cutest cows the other day..." ( I'm sure you can probably come up with something more creative.)

Have you ever considered selling some art on your site? It's really easy. Add beautiful images to your page and get paid for it! You can join the program and choose from roughly "about a bazillion" different prints and posters. I'm confident you will find lots of images that will complement the look of your site.

Do you have visitors coming to your website looking for a free appraisal? People even email me to find out what their stuff is worth. Why not just add a link to a site that does offer appraisals? I suggest becoming a reseller for WorthPoint. They have a good affiliate program.

Why not join a few high quality programs and create special products for the major holidays? Spend a morning creating a page with bunnies and eggs for Easter or Turkeys for thanksgiving. Your product choices are almost limitless.