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Taking Control of your Computer
Learning control key keyboard shortcuts will save you valuable time.
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When it comes to navigating between email, the Internet and other programs, using your control key can makes things much easier. Cutting and pasting means never having to write down or retype long or complicated copy again.

The control key is your friend. What am I talking about? The "control" shortcut functions on your keyboard. They've always been there.

Control + C - copy
Control + V - paste

This is a very convenient shortcut that allows you to transfer words and graphics from program to program. For example, say you have some text in an email that you want to copy into a word document. Select the words (as many as you want)and hit your Control button and the letter C at the same time. Your computer will automatically copy the text to your hard drive.

Your computer will remember this information until you turn it off or you copy something else. Now, place your cursor in your word document where you want to paste in the text. Hit your Control button and the letter V at the same time. Wham. The text appears, exactly as it was in the email.

Control + C and Control + V work well together. Cutting and pasting between applications is easy. You can copy and paste javascript, affiliate codes, images and even entire files.

Control + F - find all

Some web pages have thousands of words, and finding what you need among endless paragraphs of copy takes time. To speed things up, hit your control key and the letter f. (Control+F)

A search box will appear! Use it to search the page. Your keywords will be highlighted everywhere on the page.

As as bonus, you can hit (Control+G) to scroll through the results.

Control + A - select all

Control A grabs everything. It comes in handy if you want to change everything on a page all at once. If you want to make all the text big and green, hit Control A (selecting everything) make the changes to letter size and color and wham. Everything's the same.

It's also a handy short cut if you want to reply to an email, but not return any of the previous message. Just put your cursor in the body of the message, hit Control A to select everything and hit delete. Reply on a clean page.

Control + X - cut

This function will allow you to remove the selection, and save it to the clipboard. For instance, say you have written a wonderful description of your antique table, and then realize you have placed it under your picture of a chair. Select the wrong text, hit control x to cut, then place your cursor under the table and hit control v to paste it in the right place.

Control + T - Control+T will open a new browser tab. If you accidentally close a tab and want it back, hit Ctrl+Shift+T and it will magically reappear!

Control + L - this will make your cursor jump to the address bar in a browser

Control + Z - undo will undo almost any mistake you make

Control + R - reply to an email

Control + K - spell check

Control + Q - exit from a program

Control + S - save a file

Control + + and Control + -  This allows you to zoom in and out

Still need more help? Just hit the F1 key. That's help.