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Tools To Make Your Website Better
These tools will help you make the best website you can.
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Google has all kinds of tools
If you want to drive traffic to your site, you will need to become good friends with Google and all it's tools. Once you have an account, you can use the same login to use all the tools.

You will want to use Google Analytics. All you do is add some code at the end of each of your pages, and Google will provide you with detailed info.

If you want to add customized search to tour site, use Google Site Search.

You will also find the Webmaster Tools section helpful, including submitting a sitemap of all your pages.

Finally, you can also add Google Maps.  It's easy.  Here's my article on how to do it.

Bravenet web hosting and webmaster tools.
Bravenet is a warehouse of free tools you can add to your website. They have all kinds of free web applications like guest books, photo albums and calendars.
Paypal is an essential web design tool.
Do you have a Paypal account yet? You should. You can send or receive money with your email, and it is a much easier way of handling credit card purchases. They have an easy-to-use shopping cart too.
Stop by the Logo Garden if you are not happy with what you have.  You can make a logo for free, in 8 minutes.  They also have lots of samples to help you see what is possible.

Use the readnotify tool to track your emails
This is an extremely valuable tool that allows you to track your emails. You will be able to tell if your message was received, if it was opened, how long it took the person to read, etc. You can even get your email back, even if has been read!