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Affiliate Marketing Resources
Here are some quality sites to get you started.
Create and Buy on all Merchandise
Amazon was one of the first companies to use affiliate marketing, so they have had a while to get good at what they do. They have all kinds of widgets and custom links to help you sell everything from books to cars.

All you have to do is get your customer into Amazon through one of your links, and then you will get a comission on anything they buy in all of Amazon, not just on the item they clicked on.

Google Places for Business
Google Adsense is one of the easiest and most profitable affiliate programs I use.  All you have to do is paste in some code, and Google will read your content and display ads that are relevant.
Commision Junction is a large affiliate company
Commission Junction operates one of the largest and most highly regarded affiliate networks in the world. They have been around since 1998, and have led the industry with breakthrough platform innovations. It is a good place to find quality affiliat relationships.
Linkshare is a large Affiliate marketing Network
Linkshare is another large affiliate network. They have some big name clients like Macy's, AT&T, Barnes and Noble and Omaha Steaks. You can sell all kinds of fun stuff.
You can find lots of affiliate programs at the pepper Jam Exchange
The Pepperjam Exchange is another quality affiliate marketing company.  They have hundreds of different affiliate programs you can use. 
If you want to sell art, is the place to go. It's very easy to use.  You can fill your pages with beautiful pictures, and if your visitor likes it, they can buy it, or one of the other thousands of customizable prints.  I've had some success with this company over the years.
teliad | Link Building & Blog Marketing
If you would like to be paid just for making a link, check out the teliad website. They have lots of different ways to monetize your website.
100x100 CP logo banner
Cafe Press is a fun website that lets you create your own designs.  Just upload your files and add your logo to t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, etc. They create it, ship it, collect the money and pay you.  Pretty good deal.
Associate is a good place to find affiliate programs is a good place to read all about affiliate marketing.  They have all kinds of articles and interviews with succussful affiliates.  You can also find hundreds of different affiliate programs in their directory.